Hello dear publisher,

In this post we would like to explain you the reasons why it’s better to purchase a packet of credits rather than paying for your ad directly.

As you may know, on Skokka.com you can make the payment for your ads in 2 different ways:

1) By publishing an ad and paying for it
2) By purchasing a packet of credits and afterwards paying for your ad using the credits you have in your wallet

What’s the difference between the 2 methods?

Which one suits you best?

Let’s start with the explanation:

When you publish an ad, to receive more calls, you decide to promote it so what do you do?
You choose “promote” and pay for your ad. This way, as you know your ad will be more visible and you will receive more calls than a free ad and above all you will be protected from the antispam cancellations.
This is a very good way to pay ONLY for 1 ad…. if you are one of those who post a personal ad once every so often.

If you are one of our assiduous publishers instead, either because you post many ads for yourself or for your friends, or because you like to have a higher visibility so you publish more than one at a time, the quicker method is to make the purchase only once and then pay faster for your ads.

How can this be done? Simply with the purchase of “packets of credits”.
In fact, if you pay for your ads individually you have to go through the process and insert the details of your credit card every time.
This process is annoying, repetitive and also takes a lot of time. We all know that our time online is very precious so why waste it? Why repeat the same process several times?

In fact, purchasing a packet of credits is much more advantageous than the individual and direct payments and this is why:

1)You save money; unlike the individual payments, the packets of credits have different discounts

2) You save time; you will be able to promote your ads in a very qucik, and immediate way.

3) You avoid problems with the bank; in fact if there was a problem with your card, that would concern insufficient funds, you would have to postpone your purchase, losing important calls, while the purchased credits are always guaranteed and you buy them only once.

4) Anonimity of payments for your ads; the payments with packets of credits are not traceable.

5) Possibility to give/lend/resell credits to a friend.

6) Immediate disponibility to pay in any time/day of the year

How does it work?

It’s very simple; if you understand the value and power of what has become in a very short time in INDIA, the No.1 Adult encountering website, all you have to do is log into your account (after having signed in first )and click on credits.
Purchase the package that suits your necessities best (if you publish a lot of ads we advise you to purchase a big packet to take advantage of the discounts) and keep the credits in your wallet.
When you have to publish, simply click on promote and when it comes to paying select “credits” instead of credit card…. for your surprise, you will see that the payment will be quicker and immediate unlike with credit card, and besides this, you will completely avoid all the issues associated with credit card payments.


Here we show you with simples steps how do it…



and at least…..





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