Hello dear publisher,
Do you know what “One Click Payment System” is?

NOOOOOOO?!?!?! We will explain it to you immediately !!

The ONE CLICK payment is an option of the bank (pay attention to this case, the option is of the bank, not the website, under the * symbol we will explain what does that mean) that allows you to save the details of your credit card in the cloud, so that you won’t need to insert this information for your next purchase.

Is it true that it’s very annoying to insert the card’s digits?

Is it true that it wastes your time? Is it true that if you make the payment from your phone it’s difficult to write on the small keyboard of your phone?

Of course it is!!

So… by saving the details of your card ( you can save all the information of all the credit cards you own, if you have more than one) next time you have to make a payment all you need to do is click on the “pay” button and automatically your bank will remember the information of your previous payment, to use it for the next payment.


Your payment will be successful in just a few seconds without the necessity to insert all the information every time.


here a little example by image…… very very very easy to do….. follow these two simple steps….

And then………..

* Attention Attention ….. Skokka NEVER SAVES the details of your card based on the international privacy and bank secrecy regulations.
The details of your card are saved from the PSP (payment system provider) which responds to the rules of security and privacy internationally protecting them from everyone. Therefore your information is not visibile to our operators, but only to the bank.
Furthermore tha payments are NOT automatic, so money will not be taken from your account without your consesus, but you have to conferm the payment every time. For this reason we advise you to choose a secure password for your account on Skokka.com to be 100% protected.

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