With this post we would like to inform you about the different internet scams and frauds which are present on the internet and can occur also on our website.

There are some people who contact our users representing themselves as “Skokka agents”, asking them money to purchase credits or post ads on their behalf, and then they dissapear therefore committing a theft or a crime.

This unfortunatelly occurs due to the fact that we are the No.1 website in India, and as we count from 700.000 to 1.000.000 visitors a day, many people with bad intentions try to scam our users.

In this post we will explain how we work and how to avoid falling in the traps of these fake “Skokka agents”.

Skokka India does Telemarketing calling the customers and inviting them to publish ads on our website.When a client wants to reach a higher visibility, and in this case decides to purchase a promotion for their ad to receive hundreds of phone calls, they can purchase our credits and use them to promote their ads and push them to the top.

Our Salesmen/Saleswomen ONLY explain how to make the purchase directly on the website but DOESN’T ASK TO BE PAYED FOR THEMSELVES.

So our authorized Salesmen/Saleswomen will always guide you to make the payment only in your account on Skokka and NEVER EVER to an other external bank account, Paypal account or a prepayed card.

So if anyone ever wants to sell you their credits on Skokka and requires you to make a payment not through the website in.skokka.com but to any other external account or card, it is most certainly a FRAUD!
Furthermore all our agents have a personal email address with the @skokka.com domain.

So a real Skokka agent can contact you from, for example this email: name@skokka.com.
If you are contacted from other email addresses such as skokka@gmail.com, skokkaagent@yahoo.com etc it is for sure a FAKE agent.

For any kind of doubt you might have, do not trust anyone else. Our aim is to protect all our users and therefore we are in your disposition to clear all your doubts of any kind.
Do not hesitate to write us at support.in@skokka.com and we can can help you with any issue you might have or assistance you might need.

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