Anal sex is the bedroom’s Marmite move, but if you love some anal action and want to get your partner to give it a try, then there are a few sex positions to break them in gently. Check some out now in honour of National Peach Month.

For starters, anal sex is more than just pulling off the porn star doggy style. In fact, doggy style can be one of the least enjoyable positions when you first start off with some bum fun – who would have thought huh?

Before you start, you need to know and respect that anal sex is a whole other ball game as opposed to some frontal fun, which means you’ll both need to act with a bit more preparation and care. Raring to go? Let’s get started.

The Curled Angel

Starting off in a sexy spoon position is the right way to go, so lie down behind your partner and bend your bodies together. This position is great because you’ll both be pretty relaxed (which is key to her enjoyment of anal) and you’ll be able to reach around to her other important parts like the breasts and clitoris. A side by side ‘spoons’ position is a great way to start, especially if your woman bends and stretches her upper legs away from her body, as this automatically begins to open the external sphincter a little.

The Double Decker

You can also flip the side spoon on it’s back too. In the Double Decker position you can start off in your spoon and then move your bodies towards the ceiling. You’ll still have the closeness that you want from classic spooning sex but with a little twist. Plus she gets a bit more control from being on top, you just have to not mind getting a bit squished. And if she likes the feeling of this position, you can move onto our next set of tricks.

Afternoon Delight

If you get a bit bored with simple spooning then you can try this variation. Afternoon Delight sees you at the same position but she turns onto her back at a 90 degree angle and you enter her from there. Again her anus will be at a wider, more relaxed angle so penetration will be easier. You’ll also be able to reach all her lovely important parts, and she can give your balls some extra attention too.


The Rocking Horse

Control is especially important for anal sex; as this is such a sensitive area it is crucial that she has some control of what is going on down there. But on top (literally) of you and your woman having top-notch pillow talk, she can also take matters into her own hands. The Rocking Horse requires you to sit cross-legged and lean back to support yourself as she straddles you. This variation of woman on top allows for more intimacy between you both as well as greater sensations for her clitoris as she grinds up against you.

Reverse Cowgirl

One of the most popular positions, but did you know it’s also great for anal sex? Not only is she on top and can take you in as deep as she likes, as fast or slow as she likes, but you’ll also be able to see everything that she does. A feast for the eyes. Both of your hands are free to explore each other, so no sensation should go unmissed. So get into the Reverse Cowgirl position, lie down with your legs together, and get your lady to turn away, bend her legs and straddle you. Yeeee Haaaaw!!!



The Cross

This is another great position for anal sex. Simply lifting a leg can make a whole lot of difference. With this position she lies down on her back and you edge towards her pinning her leg down using your own. Then lift her other leg up and slide in between them. Just be careful with this one as you have a lot of control so make sure she is ready for it.

The Side Kick

One of the more sensual positions for anal sex. The key to anal (apart from plenty of lube of course) is for your muscles to be super-calm down there. This position allows you to get the kick out of being able to enter her from behind as well as massage her body all over, releasing all her tensions.The angle doesn’t allow for penetration to be too deep so it’s one of the better positions for working your way up to full doggy sex.

So there you have it, sessions exploring the anal area before intercourse are important to help both partners relax and learn how their bodies respond to anal stimulation. To get the most out of anal sex, it’s best to be prepared with plenty of foreplay (and lots of lube). Got any more tips or want to share an experience, tell us in the comments.

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