A BBW or>Big Beautiful Woman is a plus-size woman on an adult website. These curvier women are not at all shy about their large bodies and recently even the media seems to portray them in a positive light.

There are many references in popular culture that talks about lager women called Big Beautiful Woman (BBW). In songs we have the famous American singer Mika that praises the larger women by singing ‘big girls you are beautiful’.

Then we have the legendary Freddy Mercury with his band Queen singing ‘Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round’. Last but not least we have the talented South African band Freshly Ground who gives an ode to BBW with their lyrics ‘Even though I have Fat thighs, Flabby arms, A pot belly still gives good loving.

There are other mediums like films that also promote these larger ladies like the 2001 movie Shallow Hall starring Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow. In this movie Paltrow plays a BBW called Rosemary who is so confident that she even swims in a bikini and buys sexy underwear.

Not all BBW are looking for their opposite in the form of big horny men (BHM). A lot of these women who calls themselves a ‘feedee’ want to meet a ‘feeder’. A feeder is a person who gains sexual pleasure from the act of feeding another person and as you guessed a feedee gains sexual pleasure by being fed by another person.

A lot of BBW will take about dominant/submissive relationships and state if they want to be the master or the slave in the bedroom. Role play is also an adult activity that BBW’s love to get involved with and they will spend hours getting the right look, outfit and mannerisms. Themes like Adam and Eve, a Greek goddess, and the circus are very popular at the moment.

If you are a guy who is married or in a relationship with a skinny girl who is always on a diet, why not broaden your sexual fantasies by checking out what you are missing. You will be amazed how sexy a big beautiful woman can be compared to the skeleton you have to make love with them.

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