Should you or your partner be viewing a lot of pornography, it could be having a detrimental effect on your sex life. How can you overcome this and regain control of your bedroom antics? We’re gonna tell you how.

Porn Isn’t Real

Too much porn watching can leave a man a little lacking in the desire department, this is due to a desensitisation caused by the novelty of having attractive women and steamy sex scenes right at your finger tips. This however is not real life, this elevation in standards of what sex should be like raises the bar and suddenly real sex doesn’t appeal anymore because it falls short of your expectations.

Keep It Up

The physical side of sexual motivation may also be affected due to copious masturbation. If a male’s been milked out of sperm because of so much self gratification, his refractory period may not allow him to perform during actual intercourse, resulting in the possibility of awkwardness between him and his partner.

You And Your Partner, Not Your Hand

So, first thing’s first, cut back on the porn and masturbation. Even better, have a complete break from them and reconnect with your sexual attraction for your partner and you will find that you begin to enjoy the quality of sex over quantity of times that you’re coming.

Sex Up Your Sex

Try and spice up your after hours activity by attempting positions you wouldn’t normally, play games and use little accessories like body paint and toys. Your sex life is never gonna be a porn movie, but it doesn’t have to boring either!

The same principles can be reversed and applied to women, after all the ladies like their porn as well and can be just as easily desensitized but men are more prone to being physically affected. So, get your sex life back and start appreciating your primal instincts to have sex with another human being rather than some false representation of one that you have to watch through a computer screen or fantasize about to be able to get your rocks off.

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