Making mistakes is a very human thing, but Skokka is here to help you. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid having your ad removed.

1 – Many similar ads: if you publish similar ads, for example emails with the same title, description and/or photos. The computer system may detect it as “SPAM” and prevent it from being published.

2 – Any indication of minors: Skokka is a portal exclusively for adults, we have zero tolerance for any indication that encourages activities with minors.

3 – Photos that are too explicit, vulgar and obscene. In addition, the photos must be of your own and real, you cannot use other people’s photos.

Using third party photos is considered a criminal offense. If you do not want your face, tattoos or any identifying marks to be seen, you can hide them, for example with an emoji (never use emojis with children’s faces, baby bottles or similar).  Our computer system performs an analysis and removes, shortly, any inappropriate advertisement or image.  

4 – Choosing the wrong category. Make sure you select the appropriate category when you want to post your ad.

Example: if you are a Man and you are an Escort, you must select the category “Male Escort”.

5 – Ads with references to product sales, rentals and other services that violate Skokka’s posting rules.

6 – Libelous and/or defamatory content. 

7 – Adverts related to institutions or official bodies.

8 – Adverts that make explicit and/or implicit reference to paid sexual services.

9 – Inciting the consumption or sale of narcotics or illegal substances. 

10 – Advertise job offers.

11.- Advertisements not related to the subject matter of the site.