The management of an ad is guaranteed to all the users, registered or not.

If you are registered user you have available a private area where you will be able to access the ad management section, whether it is to manage a single and specific ad or to manage the whole list of your ads.

If you are not a registered user you won’t have a private area, you will be able to manage your ad if you click on the link you got in the confirmation mail of your post.

During the management of your ad you will be able to:

  • Modify ad: you can edit all the data (pictures and phone number included), except City and Category.
  • Suspend/Repost ad: as a consequence, for example, of your presence or absence in one determined city. Attention, if your ad is promoted and you proceed to suspend it , you will lose the promotion.
  • Delete ad: pay attention and don’t delete an ad with a currently active promotion. In this specific scenario, deleting the ad you will lose the promotion as well.
  • Renew promotion of your ad: clicking on “Renew Promotion” you will be able to renew a promotion that just finished. If you wish to change the kind of promotion use the link over the shopping basket “Discover all our promotions”.