If you are registered, within your private area, you must select the option ” YOUR ADS ” and you can manage the ads published by you. You can modify some aspects that you want to improve in this. You can modify your photos, title, description and phone number.. 

The only thing that will NOT be possible to modify is the following:

  • The category: If you want to publish an ad in another category, you must create a new ad.
  • The city : If you need to promote yourself in another city, you need to create a new ad. 
  • The type of promotion: If you have chosen the wrong time slot or you have not chosen the right type of promotion, you can activate a new promotion when the one you currently have ends.
😃 Tip Skokka

We recommend promoting yourself in different time slots to improve your visibility. The more slots you choose, the longer you’ll be in first place.