In you can post an ad in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

Click in the button Post your Ad

and create your ad by filling the fields in the page:

  • The category is used to better identify what kind of ad you are creating. You can choose between: Escorts, Transsexual, Gay escorts, etc.
  • City, district and the address make it easier for the users to find you.
  • Title and description are helpful to search your ad. Therefore, we recommend you write a very good title and a very detailed description!
  • Images are very important: the more provocative and beautiful they are, the more contacts you will get! You can add up to 10 pictures with a maximum size of 3 MB each.
  • Fill your personal data. If you are registered, email field is already filled. Put your phone number and tell us if you have a whatsapp account.
  • Choose then how you’d like to be contacted, phone number, email or both. In your ad it will be only shown the selected contact method.
  • Accept terms and conditions and proceed.

Step 2:

Click on Post AD for Free, to post without a cost, or Promote to buy a visibility product. Choosing the promotion, your ad will be in the top of the list of search results obtaining more visibility, and as a result, more contacts!

Step 3:

If you have a private area and you are registered you will be able to post your ad straight from step 2. To wrap up you just have to click on the button Post in the mail that we will have sent you 😉

Now you are ready to start! Post Now!


By choosing the promotion, your ad will feature in the top spot of the list of search results getting more visibility and therefore, more contacts! Discover how!

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