In order to make your ad more visible and found we recommend buying one of the studied promotions for you: the TOP ad and the Premium ad (upgrade of the Top).

Promote your ad in just a few steps:

  1. If you are a registered user click here, choose the ad that you want to Promote and click on “Promote”. On the other hand, if you are not a registered user click on the management link received with the ad’s publication mail and then click on “Promote ad”.
  2. Choose how many times a day you want your ad to Climb the Top, to be in the top spot of the list of ads, and for how many days.
  3. Choose the time slot when you want your ad to climb to the top of the list of ads.
  4. If during the ad placement you did not decide to choose any preview Picture, the first picture posted will be the first picture of the galleryRemember that you can cut, focus or turn the picture any way you want.
  5. Add the TOP Premium if you want to be even more visible, you will have 3 sliding preview pictures and the contacts already displayed in the list of ads.

Proceed to pay and benefit from your promotion! You will be able to choose paying your promotion with: Credits, or with any other payment option available in your country.

After making the payment, thanks to the obtained promotion, your ad will get more visibility in comparison to the free ads on your selected time frame and for the amount of days you chose. Your ad will be relocated on the top spot of the search results, becoming visible once again.

Furthermore, remember that you can also promote your ad during the posting step.

If you are not a registered user and you don’t find the e-mail to manage your ad, you can click on the link “Manage your ads” in the footer and you will receive via e-mail a link that will allow you to modify and promote your ad as many times as you want.


Remember that the more times your ad climbs to the top of the search results and the more the promotion lasts, the better. You will be contacted more! Discover how!

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