It is very important to register on Moreover, it is for free and you will get so many advantages such as being able to manage all your ads, enjoy special promotions and much more.

You just have to follow this simple steps in order to create your Skokka account:

1 – Go to the Registration page, insert and confirm your email and enter your password. 

We remind you that your password must contain: 

  • 8 characters, at least. 
  • 1 lowercase letter, at least. 
  • 1 capital letter, at least. 
  • 1 number, at least. 

To create a more secure password, we advise you to:

  • Use special symbols
  • Not to use correlative numbers (one after another).
  • Not to use an easy password or one which has been used in other webpages.

It is important to bear in mind, checking that your email and your password are well-spelled before pressing click on the register button.

2 – Read and accept the terms and conditions, wait a minute and then click on “I AM HUMAN” and select the requested images. 

3 – We will send you an email in which you can find the registration confirmation link. You should verify your account by clicking on the link and you will find a questionnaire to create your first ad. 

What are you waiting for? Sign yourself up here!

With your Skokka account, you can easily manage your ads and you can also have access to credit and product packages which are exclusively designed for you.

You will be able to publish multiple ads in different locations and you can also include different phone numbers.