We leave you with these series of tips that will allow you to have a more optimal experience on our portal. We remind you that Skokka is not involved in the communication between the advertiser and the applicant of the service. 

If you have received any suspicious communication from the company, contact with customer support to verify that this is correct.

1 – Never give out your bank details and/or personal information.

2 – Never make a payment in advance before meeting the person you have contacted, if you do a virtual service first try the minimum amount and then, if you want, increase the amount.

3 – If an offer is too good, be careful. Follow your instincts, if you think it is better not to go to the meeting, preferably don’t do it. 

4 – Be careful with whom you share information about your social networks, it is best to provide this information only to your friends and family.

5 – Avoid entering suspicious links or links that take you to a website external to ours.

For further details contact:

AUSTRALIA support.au@skokka.com
INDIA support.ii@skokka.com
SINGAPORE support.so@skokka.com
UNITED KINGDOM support.uk@skokka.com
NEW ZEALAND support.nz@skokka.com