Credits are ‘virtual money‘ and are used to pay for the promotions of the ads easily and without needing a letter of credit. Why is an international site, it would be inconvenient to use different prices for each country to buy our promotions. For this reason we use credits.

In the section Private Area Purchase of credits you can choose the package that best suits your needs and clicking on Purchase you will proceed to the payment.

Once you have purchased the package, in the Credits section you will find your credits package and in Transactions History section you will find the details of your purchases.

Now you are ready to buy Climb the top through credits!

With the route you already know: select the promotions for your ad in the list of your ads or from the management page of your particular ad and at the time of payment, choose the “Payment method: Credits”.

This way you can promote your ads in less time and for less money.


We remind you that if you buy different packages you will benefit from very advantageous gifts for you. For more information visit the section Purchase credits.

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